Sunday, November 20, 2011

On: How Sundays mean I'm the Most Unattractive Human Being Ever

So. I have this thing where I don't eat sugar. (Yay getting baby weight off.) It's going really well. I've lost 2 pounds. I know, I know...that's like a sixth of what my newborn son weighs. But's two pounds that I'm no longer stuffing into my jeans. (I consider it a great personal failure that I've been rocking the muffin top for which I have so mercilessly mocked others for sporting.)'s the thing about the no sugar wouldn't last a minute if I didn't give myself a cheat day. So Sundays (and date nights if my hubby wants to take me to ice cream) I cheat. Sundays are both glorious and foul. As proof, I offer you this confession:
As I write this, I'm eating ice cream and fudge topping. Seperately. Out of each respective container. With the same spoon.

Don't tell Shem.

Friday, November 18, 2011

"No Dear, it's Not Murder; it's Just Another One of our Charities"

I went to see Arsenic and Old Lace with my Hannah friend last night. If you've never seen/read it...resolve that problem now. I hear Cary Grant plays the main character in the movie. Also. It's about old people. Who have poison. And use it. It's faaaantastically funny if you, like me, enjoy the slightly macabre.

Hawks family update:

My baby is talking up a storm these days. I need to take a video of it and post it because it just may be the cutest thing IN ALL THE LAND! It seriously fills me with all sorts of warm fuzzies. Which will be useful today because it's gonna be chilly. (and all my Utah friends scoffed at me for finding 60 degrees to be chilly.) ANYWHOO...the problem is that my camera is full and I've deleted all that I feel comfortable deleting. The rest I'd like to take into costco to print. I also have to go through my computer when it's finished de-bugging at the computer depot and put those photos onto a CD so that I can get THOSE printed. At that point, I will then delete all the photos on my memory card and start anew.

I know that all of that information probably just blew your minds. "Settle down," you say, "Don't get your exciting news out all at once. We can't handle the thrill it gives us."

I hear ya.

I made Almost Lasagna last night. Looooved it. Next time I will put less parmesan cheese in the ricotta mixture and will brown the meet in onions and salt. Bing! Best dish ever. If you'd like to try it (I also recommend halving the recipe if you're not feeding an army. Holy leftovers, batman.) here is the link.

Luke is laying on the floor in front of me on a couple of blankets playing with his 'underwater play gym' thingy. He's talking to the whale very emphatically. Apparently there is something verrrry important to communicate. He has his 'this is serious' face on.

So. I decided instead of spending 60ish bucks a month on a gym membership that I'd lay down about 20 to buy some hand weights and a workout DVD that had been recommended to me by some fellow mommies. It's Jillian Michaels. I love her. I'm a nerd about The Biggest Loser...or...I used to be when she was a trainer. She left the show last season and so did I. (The show also just tends to get repetitive and boring. I mean, no matter what curve balls you throw in's still just a show where fat people become not so fat people.) Michaels. Love her. So she made this DVD called the 30 Day Shred and the cover says 'lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days' which sounded pretty good to me despite the fact that I know realistically that my metabolism and current weight are not high enough to render such a dramatic loss in so short a time in my workout. ever. SO good. I lurve it. I've worked out 3 days in a row now (yay me!) and my body hurts so good. I love working out. It's been way too long.

I'm pretty sure this entry is super spazzy. I'm also pretty sure there are a bajillion typos.

My kid likes blankets, pants, and onsies. He eats them. They entertain him. If he's fussy, I just throw him some jeans and he's like, "sweet awesome. Jeans!" and is quieted for a good 10 minutes.

We're going to Utah for Thanksgiving! I am SO excited to see everyone! SQUEEE. Seriously, giddy. (Kyla...I just remembered that you sent me a text last night. Facepalm. Fail. I will respond shortly! Ha. You're totally not going to read this before I send that this is a really pointless little aside. But. Just know that it is full of love for you.) Also, you should pray for our journey. 11 hours in the car with a 3 month old. What could possibly go wrong?

Work is going well for both Shem and I. We like our jobs and we're doing pretty well financially. We should even have enough left over every month to put a little bit away in hopes that someday we can buy a house. Yay house!

So. The wonder of the pants is wearing off and my child wants me.
Love you all,
keep bein' classy