Monday, April 25, 2011


Is your mouth watering yet?
Yeah. Mine too.

For Easter this year, I was in California with my family and my mom bought Starbursts for our communal 'big kid' Easter basket. I'm pretty sure I took just about all of them home with me to Provo.

Starbursts are tasty. I've always been aware of this fact. But pregnancy has made me acutely aware of just HOW true this fact is. I can't swallow them fast enough. And simultaneously, I can't keep them rolling around and delivering delicious flavors in my mouth for long enough. It's actually sort of frustrating to love a candy so much that you don't know whether to swallow or savor.

siiiigh. But, that's the sacrifice I make to continue eating them.

Have I mentioned lately how glad I am that I'm no longer throwing up every day?
Eating is heaven.

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