Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mickey, Potter and Verizon Wireless

I'm putting Mickey in my son's room. The reasons for this are thusly:

1. I love Mickey. And all things of a Disney nature.
2. The curtains that are going in his room are the perfect Mickey colors.
3. I have a large and in-charge colorful framed painting of Steam Boat Willie that matches the aforementioned curtains. (See picture above. That is the very painting.)
4. I'm determined to brain-wash him from birth to be a Disney lover.

I'll put up pictures when his nursery is finished. P.s. Have I mentioned how flipping excited I am to FINALLY be able to give in to these nesting urges?? Oh man.

On an unrelated note:

Yup. I didn't make it through all seven books before the release. I'm depressed. I'm SO CLOSE! I suppose I could still make it. I mean, it is more than possible...I read number six in seven hours and I've only got another 400 pages in book seven... however, I just don't know if I want to dedicate my entire day to the project and as it's my fourth go-round anyway, it's not at the very tippy-top of my priority list. Despite my unfinished business, I am ridiculously excited for this premier. And I'm ridiculously excited that I'm doing it in Bakersfield with all the people that I've gone to these midnight showings with since the third movie release. It's a good way to say goodbye. There will be much weep-age. Also, stay tuned for pictures of my Potter T-Shirt.

Lastly, but not leastly: Shem started work today! Hip, hip, hooray! He's there RIGHT NOW. I hope things go well and that he comes home pumped up about this new job. I also hope they don't keep him until 7, because we're supposed to be Pottering tonight slash going on a double date with my brother and his girly-friend to Mexican food. =) I miss him. It's been nice having him around. However, I am BEYOND grateful that he's finally starting. What a relief.

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  1. Cute theme! I did Winnie the Pooh for all of my son's stuff...I mean everything! And I also absolutely love Disney. We own several of the classic movies, my own most all of the Disney movies before Brandon is five.