Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Today's Adventure Brought to You By: Cravings

That moment when you go into a chocolate induced coma at around four o' clock in the afternoon and don't wake up until after five so now at 10:46, you're not the least bit sleepy and instead you're up thinking about nothing and watching youtube videos of X Factor auditions since you don't have cable and as you're thinking about nothing, you realize you should probably not be up watching youtube videos mindlessly waiting to become exhausted, you should instead be running about five miles to burn off all the chocolate you consumed earlier which is in every way responsible for all of this trouble in the first place so you stand up, trying to convince yourself to do a jumping jack or something, but the mental exertion of just thinking about doing something like that so overwhelms you that you realize, happily, that you are now ready for bed.

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