Thursday, April 14, 2011

If I Had a Pensive...

...this is what would go in today. For some reason, I am extremely talkative slash think..ative today, and I feel like if I get some of the swirling thoughts out of my noggin, I'll be more ready to go finish my dishes and read Harry Potter. These are my thoughts:


-I feel like washing silverware is a waste of soap. It's the least satisfying type of dish to clean.

-I love road trips. I love driving to California from Utah and vise-versa. Alone or with people. Snacks, tunes, books on tape, long stretches of silence in which to think, pretty landscapes...what's not to love??

-I am a chronic over-seasoner. I'm working on fixing this problem as quickly as I can, because frequently I make things that taste like Season Salt. I find myself repeatedly promising my husband that I put more ingredients in there than it would seem. "It may taste like you're chewing pure salt and oregano, but I really do remember slicing up potatoes and browning ground turkey meat as well. I promise."

-I made Better-Than-Sex Cake the other day. After it was finished, Shem and I stared at the vast amounts of deliciousness that lay before us and wondered the same thing: How will the two of us possibly finish this massive cake by ourselves? Today, there are only 4 pieces left.

-I'm addicted to sugar when I'm not pregnant, so I usually eat a sugar-free diet. Now that I'm pregnant, I seem to have a built-in 'stop' button like normal people do and I can enjoy a piece of cake without being compelled by some unknown force of evil to eat it until I die. I hope this lasts.

-I am head-over-heels in love with summer. It's my favorite. I love swimming, tanning, BBQing, eating unreasonable amounts of watermelon, making smoothies for breakfast, wearing flip flops, celebrating the Fourth of July, going to midnight showings, going to the beach, camping, coming up with various fun and creative projects to pass the time, and the fact that it gets dark at 9pm and light at 6am. Everyone is aghast when they hear that I have to carry this baby through the summer...and while I have no doubt that being THAT heavy, swollen and uncomfortably pregnant in 105 degree weather will have some obvious down sides, I'm not gonna lie, I'm still antsy for summer. I cannot wait.

-I'm looking forward to feeling my first contraction. Mothers who have done this before and have more knowledge than I do about the subject, please hold back the scoffs. :) I know that once I feel one, I'll be set for life, but I'm still kind of weirdly looking forward to it. In fact, I'm secretly sort of looking forward to laboring in general. It's like a challenge for my body. I'm excited to get through it successfully and to work that hard in order to meet my little boy. It'll be like running a marathon or climbing a mountain...but ten times more painful and ten times more gratifying.

-Sometimes the show "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" should really be called "I Found Out I Was Pregnant in an Unusual Way". I'm sorry, but stories about women getting false negatives and finding out via ultrasound that what they thought was a tumor turns out to be a 5 month old fetus, is not as dramatic or as TV worthy as the stories where the kid is born in a theme park toilet.


  1. I saw that one, where the woman gave birth in a theme park toilet! Totally freaked me out. How in the world did she REALLY not know she was pregnant??! And how did she think she was only taking a dump when she was really delivering a baby? I mean, it was her second kid, for crying out loud. You'd think since she'd been through labor before, she could tell the difference. Let's be honest: I'm pretty sure anyone could tell the difference. Crazy woman. But for sure, finding out in an unusual way isn't anything like having a baby in a theme park toilet.

  2. So, I have to agree with the contraction thing. It was finally like something was happening! My baby was on his way out! It is exciting. I completely understand. And for the first couple of hours they really aren't that bad. No scoffing from this mom!

  3. I think I will probably look forward to my first contraction...well, maybe. I don't know. I do NOT handle pain well.