Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Understand Those Parents (A follow-up post)

You know those parents who tell you the name of their child and you think to yourself, "Really? Your last name is Grason. And you're naming your child Mason? Mason Grason? Sadistic creeps." and you judge them? I am that parent. And I now understand them.

Listen. Here's the deal. How do you know that Mrs. Grason (who's last name used to be Smith which doesn't rhyme with Mason at all) didn't fall head-over-heels in love with the name Mason when she was 12 years old? How do you know that she didn't refer to her unborn child as Mason from before she was in high school? How do you know that she didn't already start bonding with this Mason fellow immediately upon having named him?? Huh? Huuuuh? How. Do. You. KNOW?

*deep, soothing breaths*

So. I'm naming him Luke.
Well. Lucas on the birth certificate in hopes that he'll be called 'Lucas Hawks' on the first day of school and just plan ol' 'Luke' from that point on.

Also! I added a cheesy pregnancy tracker thing to my blog. Because it's cute. And has polka-dots. And a baby boy in a pea pod.

More interesting thoughts to come.


  1. YAY for you! You're funny... in a CUTE way!

  2. It's better than Harry Baals. (Yes, as in "balls") Look it up, man. It's real. There is really a man out there named Harry Baals. He was Mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana. So, yes, people will probably make fun of Luke Hawks, cuz let's be honest, it really does sound like Lou Cocks. But it's NOT Lou Cocks, it's Luke Hawks. Unlike Harry Baals who really was named Harry Baals. I think you're safe.

  3. Here's the thing I've decided about the "Lou Cocks" fiasco. I don't think it will be that bad. Because Cox is a last name, and I have NEVER thought of the last name COX like COCKS. Not once. Maybe some people do, but I don't know those people.

    Honestly, I think he will be correcting people a lot that his name is Luke Hawks and not Lou Cox, rather than warding people off for calling him Lou Cocks.

    Annnnnnd my name is Hannah Whyte. Do you know how many times I've heard "Haha! You're white, and your last name is Whyte?" Or "Hannah Whyte? Like Vanna Whyte? Haha!"

    Yeah, every kid will have to go through the stupid name game. You could have named him something perfectly harmless and some kid would latch on to it and be dumb. Nothing you can do. I wouldn't worry about it. :)

  4. Poooooor Harry Baals. And the politician guy who's last name is Boehner. HOW DO THESE THINGS HAPPEN??

    And Hannah, you're right. And I mean, it could be SO much worse. *see Sarah's comment* I don't think it's one of those names that TOO many people will think, "WHAT were those parent's thinking??" At least...that's what I'm hoping for.

  5. You are too cute! I love it