Wednesday, December 14, 2011


This is Luke. He loves Christmas. He loves the Christmas lights and the trees and the wrapping paper and the parties during which he flirts mercilessly with the women who pass him around.

Luke and Mama (and sometimes Daddy) decorated for Christmas. Here is what we did:

We finally bought a dining table which made me very excited because I have this fancy lace table cloth and fancy christmas candles and things that I wouldn't have had a place to put otherwise.

It's hard to see in this picture, but the stockings all have our names written in glitter. YAY fancy DIY projects. =)

Our new entertainment center sans TV.

Luke's Christmas present. It's under the tree. Yeah. I'm the world's best wrapper. I got this thing on craigslist for 20 bucks. It was originally 100. Score. P.S. it's taking great self-discipline not to stick him in this thing until Christmas. LOOK AT ALL THE TOYS!

This is our cute, tiny, artificial tree. As soon as we got this up, Shem said, "Wasn't this bigger last year?" We can both touch the top without so much as going on tippy-toes. And we're short. (Don't tell Shem I called him short) But it is the cutest tree of all time. We put twinkly lights on it and a beautiful star which this photo doesn't entirely capture, and it makes me so ridiculously happy. I have this thing plugged in just about all of this time.

Another shot of the tree, I guess. YAY decorations! There are a few more, but blogger is a pain about putting up pictures. So. Facebook shall tell all in a couple of weeks. Be excited.

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