Saturday, December 10, 2011

Why My Son Sleeps In A Suitcase

When he was born, I was all about the idea of co-sleeping. I'm a really light sleeper, so the risk of my rolling on top of him was extremely low. Unfortunately, that same blessing was also a curse; for the first 3 weeks of his life, I didn't sleep. At all. Every time he breathed (which was frequent, let me tell you) I woke up. Then, my cousin Shannon lent us her 'My Little Lamb' cradle swing which Luke and I promptly fell in love with. He slept like a baby ! in that thing. (Man, I'm funny.) And I slept like a baby while he was in it.

Then, something wonderfully tragic occurred, for unknown reasons, Luke gave up the swing. He loves swinging and playing in it still, but he WILL not sleep in it. No idea what changed his mind. So I figured...hey...we'll move his crib into our room for a little while until he is big enough to be in a room on his own. No such luck. We constructed the crib inside his room. Therefore, I did not know it doesn't fit out the door. Fail.

P.S. During all of these super exciting developments, I had unpacked our humongoid suitcase from our trip to Utah and didn't want to wrangle the thing back into our itty-bitty coat closet. So the darn thing was just sitting in our hallway, waiting for me to deal with it. It mocked me on my nightly trips to the bathroom.

That's when the solution hit us: we could turn the suitcase into a bassinet type thing! It solved so many problems all in one fail swoop. He now sleeps safely at the foot of our bed, he is within arms reach for those 2am feedings of which I am so fond, he doesn't wake me up, he doesn't wake himself up, he feels safe and secure since the size is perfect, AND...I didn't have to put the stupid thing away. YAY SOLUTIONS!

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