Friday, January 6, 2012

The Definition of Parental Desperation:

is when you try to time the flush of the toilet to perfectly coincide with the loudest surge of the noise generator's wave sounds that are keeping your baby asleep during nap time.

A quick update:

Thrice I have now attempted to upload a video of my son being cute to blogger; thrice I have been denied the fruits of my labors. (My labors: I pushed several buttons and then waited.) Today I will attempt to first upload the video to youtube and THEN post it to blogger. Maybe it will work? Keep your eyes peeled...a video is forthcoming. I hope.

They replaced our hot water heater now enabling us to enjoy warmth despite the fact that we share hot water with the mother, father and SIX DAUGHTERS that live next-door to us and share one bathroom. I love being able to do dishes without waiting an hour after showering. It's the little things...

Shem and I are reading our Christmas present. My dad gave us a copy of Dave Ramsey's "The Total Money Makeover". We're learning how to be rich. It's most exciting.

I have to go to the bank, make about 5 or 6 phone calls, (one of which is to the government so it should take approximately 8 years) clean my room, finish cleaning the kitchen, put the crock-pot meal together that we're supposed to be eating for dinner and finish my laundry. And yet. Here I sit. Blogging. *sigh* Nap times are so precious.

In attempt not to squander the time given to me by the napping gods, I should go. And do things.

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