Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why I Love Me Some Saturday

Yesterday, while my son did this:

I wanted to turn this:

And this:

Into: ..well...not that. (I can't give it all away at the beginning...I'm trying to be more mysterious. It's womanly.)

I've been working on making my living room un-ugly. It's going smashingly so far. As many of you know, we're on an EXTREMELY tight I've been attempting to do these projects for little (and preferably no) cost to us. It's been an exciting challenge and so far, I'm loving the results. We got new couches, (Cost: nothing out of pocket.) a dining table, (Cost: nothing out of pocket.) a new entertainment center (Cost: nothing out of pocket) and I've also finished a few projects I found on Pinterest. (Cost for three projects: around 30 dollars because I lack in basic crafting necessities and am only now building up my supplies.) I love finding bargains. I'm in love with yard sales, (though I'm still figuring out how to do the whole 'early' thing with a four-month old son) craigslist (for more on how I get things for free on craigslist...stay tuned to my youtube channel. Michelle and I are considering doing a 'thrifting' special. Be. Excited.) and of course...thrift stores.

So yesterday was the day I'd decided to do my gallery wall. We got beautiful photos taken at our wedding, but I hadn't gotten a display together in which to..well..display them. After doing a bit of research on gallery walls and such, I finally decided to take the plunge. DID YOU KNOW WAL MART HAS 3 DOLLAR FRAMES?? Bless that store. Bought three 3 dollar frames (so this project cost me a total of 9 dollars being as I already had several frames) and set to work.

First I figured out the layout I wanted on the floor as I was taught. I did not, however, do the newspaper outline which probably would have been helpful, but I decided not to conform.

Then, I recruited my fabulously handsome husband to help me put my vision onto the wall. He did a tremendous job.

After a few, "Tilt it to the right!"s and "Oops...that's a quarter of an inch too high"s. We had completed our first gallery wall. I think it looks fabulous! I'm really excited about how it turned out:

Props to Brianne and Ky for gifting me two of the pictures. Kyla gave me the on on the left that says, "A true love story never ends." I LOVE it!! And Brianne made the one on the right. It has our family name over a transparency of The Proclamation to the World.


  1. Cute! Good job, miss crafty!

  2. Wow! That looks great! Brian's almost 18 and we still haven't done a family "wall of shame." :-) Now go paint that room red - the photos look great against the blanket on the floor...