Friday, April 13, 2012

And I Couldn't Find My Camera!

Luke has one of those walker toys that you sit the baby in and their feet touch the floor so they can roll about the house at their leisure. He hates sitting in that thing. Good thing I only spent 5 bucks on it at a yard sale. But today he discovered that he can pull himself up on it and hang on to the back of it and push it around the house. So I suppose he's still using it as a 'walker'. In fact, it's more a 'walker' being used in that way than it is when he's sitting and rolling in it. I think maybe he knows that. "Walker? Walker, they call it? But they keep sitting me in it. This is absurd. I shall let my protests for this stupidity be known in the form of discontented whining until I am removed from this ridiculous contraption so that I am free to wander about and discover more useful pursuits."

Anywhoo, his uneven, shy steps were the cutest thing I've ever seen. (she says in the most unbiased fashion) AND I COULDN'T FIND MY CAMERA! Blast.

I'm going to miss my seven month old bundle! Every day he gets closer and closer to being my eight month old bundle which puts him closer to being my one year old bundle and then he'll be my toddler bundle and then my very grown-up man with children of his own bundle! Okay, no. But someday. Man, I love that baby boy.

My little sister, Mallory, is going to take family pictures of us on Sunday.

I ate a crap ton of sugar this week. Diet fail. But it's okay! Miraculously I gained not a pound despite the chocolate bunny binge. And the entire box of mac and cheese I consumed on Tuesday. That was a dark day. =)

Um. Hunger Games was absolutely mind-blowingly awesome. I've seen it thrice. Gary Ross and Suzanne Collins were a killer team. (killer. ha. get it?) Brilliantly crafted. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little nervous that he has opted out of doing the sequel because the sequels in that series are severely lacking in my opinion and I thought perhaps Mr. Ross could help things along in the 'that was an awesome story!' department. But, alas. We shall see what is to become of them.

It's raining. I love it. I'm still in my PJs and it's 2:00pm. Do you understand how glorious that feels? Glorious.

Also, our house is all better. No more skylight. Hooray for roofs and ceilings and rain staying outside this time!

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