Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Expression Should Be: "Grows Like a Luke"

Now that Luke is walking everywhere and is sitting in a 'big boy' car seat, he seems more and more like a toddler and less and less like a baby. These developments are bitter sweet.

                             What happened to my wrinkled, squishy, immobile lump of cute?

Now he's a rambunctious, curious mover with an aptitude for flirting the likes of which I have never beheld in one so young.

He also sleeps through the night. Which is a bonus. And he feeds himself (when he isn't delighting in throwing corn on the floor and or rubbing pizza enthusiastically into his long, blond hair).

He knows the word "ball" because balls are his favorite things in the entire world short of myself and daddy. He has one in his hand at all times and frequently engages whomever is handy in a game of catch. And gosh darn it if he isn't the most accurate little aimer you've ever seen. He's got quite the arm.

He knows the word "dada".

He says "mama" when he's upset or wants to get out of his crib or needs a good hug, but I'm not sure that he associates that word with me 100% of the time. Whereas with "dada", if I ask Luke "Where is daddy?" he toddles off to find him or points and says "dada!" He's not quite doing that with "mama" yet.

He knows where his toes are. I tell him "Luke, get your toes" and he does. Because he's a genius basically.

He points at everything.

He knows the ASL signs for "more", "eat", "bottle" and "out".

He throws a mighty fit when he doesn't get what he wants. And what he wants is usually my cell phone. And what he wants with my cell phone is usually the marvelous reaction I give when he throws it on the floor with violent force.

But he's easily distracted.

I delight in him every single day. Being his mommy is the best thing in the whole, wide world.  I love watching the world through his discoveries. I can't believe that he's walking now! What a big boy he is. And what a joy.

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