Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Second Baby Bird

Well, I finally let the cat out of the bag, as it were. Shem and I are expecting again! Here I will answer some questions that most of you are probably too polite to ask, but you're curious about anyway:

1. Yes, we planned this pregnancy.
     It's been really fun this time around because we did the whole, "Hey. You know what would be fun? Another baby. What do you think?" thing. I mean, don't get me wrong, Luke was the best surprise of my life..but there was something extra exciting about the anticipation of trying for a baby.

2. Luke will be 22 months old when the baby comes.
    So, really close to two years old. Originally, I really wanted our first two to be at least two years apart, but the timing just seemed perfect and everything started to come together so we decided to start trying a bit earlier than we'd originally planned. I think 22 months is going to be perfect.

3. I'm super nervous about having another one.
    There are several reasons as to why this is.
    -Babies are hard. I don't know if anyone has ever told you this, but it's more true than you'd think. I'm nervous about adjusting to a newborn while also taking care of a toddler. That is a horrendously terrifying prospect.
    -People might think this is silly, but I do not know how I can possibly love another baby as much as I love Luke. I keep having these thoughts where they'll hand me the baby and I'm like, "Meh. The other one was cuter." AH! I'm sure that experienced parents (including my mother) who have told me that this will not happen are absolutely correct, but still, it makes me nervous.
    -They won't nap at the same time. So. I feel like this means any shred of 'me time' I have been enjoying will be gone. Being as I'm inherently a selfish being, this depresses me. =)

4. I'm also super excited about having another once.
    Obviously. But really. Teeny, tiny toes and fingers, soft hair, the baby smell, how perfectly they fit in your arms at first, the first smile, the first giggle, how they know your smell and voice immediately, watching them learn and figure out the world...just all of it. I'm so excited to have all of those moments again. All of those firsts. Also, I think Luke is going to be the best big brother IN ALL THE LAND.

5. I've been really sick this pregnancy, but not as sick as I was with Luke.
    Thankfully, I've been able to function better this time around. My "morning sickness" has been more on the normal side and even though I do tend to throw up at least once or twice a day and have lost about 5 pounds (you wouldn't know it by looking at me, though...my waist is like a tree trunk right now) I can at least get out of bed and take care of my baby. Of course, I wouldn't be able to do half of what I do if it wasn't for my amazing husband and my family. They have helped and blessed me more than they even know. My sweet husband always crawls out of bed early to bring me food, he's been doing the dishes for weeks now, he helps around the house and takes Luke for me as soon as he gets home since the majority of my nausea/vomiting happens in the evenings. He is my rock. Next time you see him, give him a pat on the back for me and tell him he's awesome.

6. Yes, we are kind of hoping for a girl.
     We haven't done the girl thing yet, so that would be fun. That being said, I have a very strong feeling this baby is a boy. The pregnancies are VERY similar. I'm craving all the same things and all that. And I've had two very vivid dreams that it is a boy. So, I'm gearing myself for a boy. There are a lot of benefits to having a boy. We won't have to buy anything at all. He'd be totally set in terms of clothes and towels and everything else we have that isn't gender-nuetral. So that'd be nice. Also, I think it would be so fun for Luke to have a brother so close in age. They'd wrestle around and do all the fun brother stuff together.

Random facts:
Due: June 22nd (hooray for not being pregnant in July or August!)
Weeks: 10 and 3 days.
Weight gain: None. I'd gained a bit originally, but all that came off plus two more thanks to all the barf.
Gender Reveal: Either the beginning of January or the beginning of February, depending on how patient I can be/how much money I'm willing to spend to be impatient.

Alrighty! That's it. We're excited and we can wait! I'm so excited to feel the first flutters and kicks and all that good stuff and I just can't wait until this baby is in my arms. YAY reproduction!


  1. I love it! So happy for you to be wonderful parents to a new little one! :)

  2. Super exciting...I know you probably aren't looking for advice or anything, but I have done the newborn/toddler adjustment. It really isn't that bad. I really anticipated havoc, but Brandon has been an amazingly wonderful big brother and loves to help. And my husband, of course, was and is great at helping me get that "me" time that I thought would disappear with the addition of a little one. I'm sure your husband will do the same (especially when he sees that you're about to pull your hair out when he gets home, lol). Anyway, congratulations! :)

  3. Hey alicia, I just read this post and I kind of copied it in my blog, i of course gave you total credit for the design and outline of the post.