Thursday, February 14, 2013

On: How I almost got arrested on Valentine's Day.

Once upon a time, I was running errands. Luke was bored. So I bought him a valentine's day dollar store balloon (I know, I pull out all the stops for that kid). I loaded him into the car, fixed his broken balloon (it was a dollar) and away we went. Five minutes later, Luke is happily banging his balloon around in the back seat while I speed down Coffee. All is well.

 Shortly after stopping at a red light, I hear a curious scurry of movement, turn around and there is Luke, STANDING next to his car seat, jumping up and down, laughing hysterically.

After a full minute of open-mouthed gaping and listening to my brain go, "whaaaa...?" I realize, I'd gotten so disctracted by fixing his dang balloon, that my baby brain forgot to remind me to buckle that stinker in. Then the light turned green. There was nowhere to pull over.

"SIT YOUR BUM DOWN!" I...very calmly scream at him.

He obeys. Thank all that is good.

I laugh nervously about his prior jubilation at having freed himself from his car seat prison.

We pull into the nearest gas station.
I wrangle him into his seat.
I narrowly avoid prison.

The End.

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