Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Names. They're All Beginning to Sound the Same.

That was the name I was going to give a boy. I was twelve years old when I made this decision. I have dramatic journal entries from seventh grade explaining how I will divorce any man who'd have the audacity to say no to the name Luke. Gradually, as I became more sophisticated as a human being, I decided that I'd simply ask potential husbands what they thought of the name before marrying them. That was before I fell in love with my wonderful husband, of course, and I realized that no matter what he thought of the name Luke, I'd be marrying him anyway and I'd be staying married to him.

LUCKY FOR ME, however, my husband LOVES the name Luke. Thereby assuring that I get the man of my dreams and the name of my dreams. Perfection, no?


Hawks. Luke. Hawks. Say it three times fast. (pause) Did you hear Lou Cocks? Me too.

Lou Cocks.
That's what teachers will call out every single day of his life during role call.

---Spelling segue. Role? Roll? I know one is a fluffy dinner side-dish and another is what you get in a play...but I do not know which is the one that is called out during class. Maybe I should just use the word 'attendance' thus clearing the air of any potential confusion.---

Anywhoo, this brings us to our current predicament. When I found out I was pregnant it took me about 7 seconds to name this child. My husband and I both agreed on Luke William Hawks for a boy and Sariah Michelle Hawks for a girl. The girl name is still fully in tact. I love the name Sariah and Michelle is both a beautiful name and the name of my beautiful sister. HOWEVER, my mothering sixth sense (which I'm told kicks in during pregnancy) has me thinking this child growing within me is actually a boy so I've been calling him Luke for months now and only three days ago did it hit me:

Lou Cocks.
Dreams. Crushed.
I am seriously grieving the loss of that name.

That brings us to the ACTUAL reason for this post. Here is a copy of the boy names my husband and I are looking at right now:






Mason ( I have not yet asked Shem about Mason. So I'm doubtful that this one is actually in the running.)


Alan (My brother's middle name)

William (Shem's middle name)



Any thoughts? Opinions? Names to add? I'd love suggestions. Which middle names fit nicely with which first name? ANNNNY help you can offer will make my heart happy. Make me fall as madly in love with one of those or one of yours as I've been with Luke for the last 10 years of my life. *sigh*


  1. Austin William has my vote :-) I say DEFINITELY use Shem's middle name. I personally will not be using, but am a HUGE fan of the name Daniel. Of course it doesn't have the pattern of the names on your list, but hey, I'm here to help if I can ;-)

  2. I like Paxton William or Tanner Alan =]

    now..what if its a girl? lol..i dont see girl names on this list.

  3. Also, i have a giant list of baby names saved on my computer. My top 30 boy and girl names. if you need any help let me know..i've got plenty =]

  4. My favorite name for a boy is Jasper.

    These two websites could help:

    This just gives you an name that sounds good with your last name:

    and this one gives you names inspired by/similar to ones you like:

  5. I have to say that I actually kind of love the idea of Paxton. It's unique but not so unique that it's weird.

    Also If you name him Tanner I will still love him but not his name. Just sayin'. Not my favorite.

  6. Candace- That's so funny! Everyone has been suggesting Daniel to us. And I actually do like that name, buuuut it has a bad connotation for me, sadly. Stupid bad dating experiences. =)

    Gar- OOOOO!!! I WANNA SEE your list!

    Berk- Those are the best sites EVER! I am totally going to use those for every child. Thank you!

    Michelle- Tanner is happening, unfortunately for youuuuu. (hehe) Unless we only have one son. Our first child's name will not be Tanner, but our second child's name very probably might.