Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Everything hurts today. I blame this growing child. And my sudden massive increase in fiber intake. (Remember how I was gonna eat 'healthy'? Well, apparently, it was too much too soon...this much fiber and my body has turned into a solution to our nation's energy crisis. No more off-shore drilling required, I've got enough gas to get us through the next few generations.)

ANYWHOO...So, I'm in all this weird pain. I called my Mama and was telling her about all my symptoms -- Can't breath, can't move, sharp pains in my belly, sides, lower back and lower abdomen, occasional nausea, ridiculously acidic heartburn, unshakable exhaustion, aaaand swollen ankles -- and she goes, "Sounds like you're pregnant"


Suddenly 15 weeks sounds like an eternity. Especially when I consider the fact that I'm gonna get a LOT bigger and it's gonna get a LOT hotter. Someone tell me how I'm going to survive this. Then smack me for being such a baby about it. Actually, maybe don't do that today, because in general I think I've been doing pretty good about staying positive, so this is my well-earned 'day of whining'. And that's what I'll tell God tonight in my prayers. Think He'll go for that excuse?

So to sum it all up:


  1. Oh the joys! I can definitely relate friend..And sometimes it helps to just complain a little! It also helps to eat Chipotle and In N Out...you should eat them. They make everything in life better.....Or is that just my stomach talking?

  2. Poor Alicia! So, have you tried those fiber bars? for about a week last year I made the mistake of eating two fiber bars for breakfast and then ate lots of carrots and broccoli. I was trying to be healthy, but boy did that take a toll on my body. After a few days of pain (and ridiculous amounts of gas), I figured out what the issue was.

    I know we are supposed to eat a lot of fiber, but it hurts! Maybe your body gets used to it after a while, or maybe you should just eat it in smaller doses than I did! HA!

  3. So this is what I have to look forward to in a few years....yikes. You're a trooper missy. I'm praying for you!

  4. I love the way you write....aaaaand the fact that I no longer have to worry about where my children will find natural gas...since, you know, that's on my mind rather often. So I feel horrible that you were this miserable and that's the day we went out on the town!! I'm so sorry! I'm such a jerk! But for all selfish purposes, I'm SO glad that we did and it was mucho goodo to see you! love your guts and I hope that these next 15 weeks fly!
    ...never mind. I don't.