Sunday, May 22, 2011

Reasons My Husband is like Snowy, the Albino Echidna

Okay, first of all, can we just talk about the fact that the above picture displays the cutest creature to ever walk the face of this planet? Can we also mention how fabulous it is that the caption under the original posting of this picture reads, "Rare as rocking horse poo." ? Um. What. Best. Caption. Ever. I love every single thing about this picture. And Snowy, the Albino Echidna. Which offers a lovely segue because I also happen to love every single thing about my husband. (Except arguably his gas )

Earlier today I was having two conversations simultaneously with two AMAZING ladies who had recently had rather negative encounters with members of the opposite sex. I won't go into gory details, because they're not my details to be gory with, but I will say that in the case of one of the girls in particular, I relate entirely too much to everything she's going through right now. To the point where my heart is broken vicariously. My husband is gone right now, and it's basically KILLING me inside slowly, so naturally, I have turned to my blog in this time of need to dump all of this thought pollution.

Adding to the two heart-breaks previously mentioned, I also had the privilege of getting together with some of my favorite people in the world last night and had an amazing time giggling and talking with them until way past my bedtime. Where is the heartbreak, you may ask? All 5 of these ladies are not only drop-dead gorgeous, talented, sweet-natured, funny, exciting, and pretty much fabulous in every way, they're also all single.

These two different experiences that I've been witnessing over the last few days have me wondering just one thing: Why...why, oh why, are boys so dumb? Why? What is going on, here? And how is HEAVEN'S name, did I find one like Shem? Where are the rest of the Shems? Where are the boys who are preparing themselves to be worthy of these amazing women who want so desperately to be wives and mothers? I honestly am baffled. I am baffled at boys who string girls along, only to lie to them and break their hearts. I am baffled by returned missionaries who decide they have better things to do than get married or decide that their mission has turned them into Captain Moroni and they just can't find a girl 'good enough' for them. I am baffled by the almost-30 year old men who can't date women their own age and choose, instead, to go for the 18 year old 'hotties' with whom they can play around with without the added 'pressure' of possible impending nuptials. I am baffled by boys that decide to choose girls who will lower their standards for them over girls who keep their standards high and ask them to do the same. I am baffled by men who act like boys. Who can't make decisions, or who make all the wrong ones and then leave these smart, capable, worthy, BEAUTIFUL women single, lonely and wondering what they're doing wrong.

I am SO ANGRY about this lately. It's been a recurring theme in my life the last couple of days and I just cannot get it out of my head.

And then I look over at my sweet husband who I am so crazy in love with and I wonder how in the world I got so lucky? Maybe one of the reasons that I've been blessed with this little infuriating recurring life theme, is so that I can REALLY appreciate what has been given to me, here. I HAVE to believe that there are more of him out there. He can't be the only one. I have to believe there is one like Shem for my little sisters and my beautiful cousins and all of my single friends. I have to believe it. Or I'll go insane.

The truth of the matter is that it's all in the Lord's hands. There is no way that I could have been led to Shem without His guidance. I give credit for our marriage entirely and unequivocally to my Heavenly Father. He is a rarity among men. Here's how:

-At 22 years old, he wasn't afraid of committing to marriage.

-At 19 years old, he gave up two whole years of his life in dedication to serving the Lord on a mission for the church.

-After 1 month of marriage, he found out his wife was expecting a baby and has immediately stepped up to be the provider he knows he needs to be now AND is moving us away from his family and friends so that I can be closer to MY family and friends while I raise this baby.

-He WANTS to be a dad. He's excited about, not dreading this huge change.

-He is endlessly patient.

-He is (almost annoyingly) honest.

-He is kind, generous and always looking for ways to serve ANYONE.

-He is maybe the most selfless person I have ever met.

-He conducts Family Home Evenings every Monday night aaaand it's pretty much the cutest thing you'll ever see. With a smile under his breath, he speaks like he's conducting General Conference and always expresses his gratitude that Luke was able to make it that night.

-He has a way of making me feel worthy, loved, appreciated and beautiful ALL the time, but especially when I'm feeling particularly like garbage.

-He studies scriptures with me, prays with me, attends church with me, sings hymns with me while we get ready for the day, has spiritual discussions with me which always blow my mind because he's basically the most in-tune guy ever and attends the temple with me regularly.

So, you understand now, don't you, that I married the human equivalent of Snowy, the Albino echidna, right? Guys like this don't just litter every street corner. There aren't droves of Shems in this world. And how I got so blessed to meet and marry him at 21 years old is absolutely beyond me. I'm floored by the magnitude of this blessing. And when I look around at these stunning single women who are absolutely deserving of a man like this...I have to say: Step it up, guys. Seriously. You don't know what you're missing.


  1. You are a lucky girl Alicia! You forgot to mention that Shem smells good all the time! :) Thanks for this post. Please don't ever forget how lucky you are! Not only will that help your marriage, but it will help me! I feel like there are a lot of people, in the church especially, who look down upon those of us who are not married. They, despite the sympathy that general authorities have for us, tend to wonder what is wrong with us, and because we are not married, they think we are somehow not as adult, not as experienced, not as mature, not as intelligent, which is really frustrating for me. So I appreciate this post! Love you, my dear!

  2. Thanks for this. And yes, I started crying as soon as I started reading it...okay, after the first paragraph about the snowyness :). Thank you for being such a great friend and always helping me. I hope you know just how amazing you are. Love your guts!

  3. Alicia, you're amazing. You see good and blessings everywhere. You're an example of love and righteousness. I love you more than words can express! And I love that you're concerned for all us single ladies. :) I have to echo an AMEN to what Marie said. Remember how blessed you are, and don't forget that we're still awesome, despite our being single. haha Love you!!